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This promotional offer is for Wandering Weddings Members only. Using this page, WW members can submit 2 photos for free in each round of the Elopement Legend Awards. First, you must register for a free account, then return to this page to submit your 2 images for free. You may choose to pay to submit 5 photos in addition by clicking here, but this is entirely optional.

Legend Awards Competition Rules:

Images will be awarded based on the following criteria: strong composition, emotional impact, creative storytelling and personality.

We want the viewer to feel like they know the couple when they view the image. We want to feel the emotion and clearly identify the amazing story of your couple. All eloping couples are accepted: LGBTQIA and polyamorous unities, people of every size, religion, ethnicity, ability or disability, and those who don’t conform to tradition or expectations are celebrated here. All elopements with 15 or fewer people qualify. No, you don’t need a fancy, extreme or outdoorsy landscape to win a Legend award.

  • Every photographer must register with a free account in order to submit photos. This is how we track who submitted which images.

  • Awards rounds will happen quarterly, with submission deadlines of: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31

  • Each photographer may submit 2 images free here and up to 5 images for $19 using the main Submit Photos page.

  • Images must be taken by you, the account holder. Images from associates, second shooters, studio partners or marriage partners may be submitted only by those photographers
  • Yes you can submit images you have already submitted
  • Images must be from an elopement day or days. You must have photographed the couple’s ceremony of 15 guests or less, but the image submitted does not have to be from the ceremony
  • No images from workshops, shootouts, styled shoots, model calls, or content days
  • Images must be from a paid client elopement and not the photographer’s friends or family members
  • No engagement sessions, maternity sessions, anniversary sessions, family sessions, or portrait sessions
  • Images can be from any year
  • Images may not be taken in illegal, closed, or off limits places
  • Images can have any file name and dimensions but must be 3mb or less. We recommend web or blog sized files. Images are renamed before judging for anonymity. 
  • Compositing elements from other photographs, such as sun flare, rainbows, clouds, or unicorns
  • Ai generative fill
  • Skin smoothing or liquifying that alters the authenticity of the person
  • Logos or borders
  • Cropping, any image size ratio is permitted
  • Masking and brushes, including ai sky and subject masking
  • Double exposures
  • Cloning out distracting elements
  • Panoramas and brenizer images

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