Terms and Conditions:

  1. Entrants retain all copyright to their submitted images. 
  2. Each entrant grants Elopement Photography Awards a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use their submitted images to promote the Legend Awards and its members through the organization’s public websites, social media, and email communications. The Elopement Photography Awards may seek to share and publish Legend Award winning images on third party sites or other media for the express purpose of promoting photographers and their websites. Elopement Photography Awards expressly disclaims all liability arising from the unauthorized reproduction, transmission, misappropriation, alteration, or other misuse of any photo hosted and displayed by Elopement Photography Awards or by third parties. You shall save, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Elopement Photography Awards, Lucy Schultz, and its officers, agents, or employees from all claims, suits, and actions of any nature resulting from or arising out of the activities of displaying your images.

  3. Each entrant expressly agrees that they have the consent of the subject(s) to be submitted and published in such manners as described above. 
  4. The Administrator’s decisions are final on all matters relating to this process. By participating in the Legend Awards, by submitting a photo or photos, submitters (you) agree to be bound by these official rules and the decisions of the Administrator, Lucy Schultz.

CODE OF ETHICS: The Elopement Photography Awards maintains a high level of ethical practices. Our code of ethics is not only an essential factor for the success and credibility of our contests; it reflects our values and ideals as elopement photographers. The purpose of the Elopement Photography Awards is to celebrate photographers who use technically excellent photography to capture unique and storytelling candid moments at elopements with 15 or fewer guests, not including the couple, officiant, celebrant, and members of the photo/video team. Therefore all elopement photography images submitted in the Legend Awards must be taken in legal areas that are not off-limits, using Leave No Trace principles, and are true representations of microweddings / elopements with 15 or fewer guests.

By entering the Legend Awards, each entrant expressly agrees to these terms, and agrees to hold harmless the Elopement Photography Awards and Lucy Schultz free from any claims, including negligence or misrepresentation, including but not limited to the processing of entries, the quality of the published images, errors that may have occurred in the administration of the contest, or any condition that may cause the contest to be disrupted, ended or terminated. All submissions are subject to the discretion of the judges and organizers, and may be removed if we do not feel they support the spirit of the competition.